Tips on dating a stripper

If you want to date a stripper, don’t do some of the stupid things that could and would ruin it.  These stupid things include jumping to conclusions about stereotypes that exist. You should be aware about things like that even before making a move on the girl you are interested. Knowledge about these things  will make both of you more comfortable to each other.

Don’t think that they strip for money just because they can’t do anything else. This should be your frame of thought before entering in a strip club. If you can’t understand that some women do stripping because of extra money they earn this way, then you are not suited for this.

Strippers draw many eyes and they are more than often in the center of attention. If you detest the attention that a stripper attracts, inside the club, outside too don’t even try to date one.

Choose a club that feels good to you, more than often girl that works there will suit your tastes. There are many kind of specialized strip clubs, with amateur, professional, old, young, any kind of strippers. That way if you feel comfortable in a, let’s say, club that employs semi-professional younger girls, you should find a girl with those traits inside.

Go to your chosen club before stripping begins. That means that girls that work there are preparing for the night, and they chatter or practice during those one or two hours before they start dancing. This is perfect time for the next step.

Hit it off with conversation that doesn’t involve parts of their bodies. Just start it of by some random but relevant questions about her. Talk to her as an equal, talk like you would talk to any other girl. Share few interesting stories, let her share few of hers. Listen what she has to say.

Now this is important: DO NOT establish customer relationship with her. That means don’t pay her for lap dance. Establishing this kind of relationship will make you just like any other guy. Tip her, and tip all other dancers as long as you are staying there. But don’t take lap dances from any of them.

Leave when heat rises up and most of the dancers start with lap dances. This is a moment for you to bail out. She will give lap dances for her customers, that is her job, and you will ruin everything by interfering.

At this point if you did everything written above, feel free to ask her out. If few nights passed and you didn’t screw it up and she showed signs that she is interested in you, ask her out. Don’t shower her with presents, money or expensive dinners. She probably had a life-time of those offered and given. If you followed conversations with her, there are probably few things you could do on your date.

Don’t lose ability of understanding her job. You ended up dating a stripper by your own choice, so don’t try to make her change her job. That job was her choice long before she chose you, don’t make her choose between you and job, you won’t like the answer.